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Our Method

AndrewZ has streamlined the process so that our clients can be at ease while we handle all the details from A to Z.  

1. Planning and Design

2. Securing permits

3. Framing

4. Rough in Electrical

5. Rough in Plumbing

6. Rough in HVAC

7. Insulation

8. Drywall installation, tape, block, skim

9.  Trim and Doors

10. Priming and Painting

11. Flooring

12. Cabinets

13.  Finishes

14.  Final inspections



How long does it take to finish my basement?

approximately 8-12 weeks

Is AndrewZ licensed and insured? 

Yes! AndrewZ is a Virginia Class A licensed contractor. We also have workers compensation and general liability insurance.

How long is my free price quote good for?

Your quote is good for 15 days

Is AndrewZ experienced?

Yes! AndrewZ has over 35 years experience. 

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